International Food Bloggers Conference

Pikes place

I am home! Perry and I had to get on the train very early Sunday morning so we missed the sunday sessions. Wish I could have stayed and participated in more of the sessions. but as luck would have it we would have had to pay twice as much for our train ride home.
What a great couple of days. Starting with keynote speaker Dorie Greenspan on Friday and her perspective on how what we do does make a difference. Those words were worth the trip. I could have left right after her talk and would have known my time was well spent.

The great food and incredible company has been an inspiration.

Then on Saturday afternoon listening to Andrew Scrivani and his words of encouragement and wisdom from years of experience of taking incredible pictures. He finished off with comments on how some of what we do is more important than how much money we make. I can tell you that from my experience this is totally the case. The networking and friendships that my business partners and I have formed over the last couple of years are priceless.

We then Attended the Sous Vide class withScott Heimendinger This has inspired us to think of the possibilities in some of our Private Chef work. Such as a medium rare brisket that is just fall part tender. Oh so many possibilities.

Blind Pig

The Dine Around by Urban Spoon on Saturday night was the highlight of the trip. We landed at a little place over in east lake call Blind Pig Bistro  You really should eat here.

The food was incredible as was the service. The entire staff went above and beyond the call of duty. They stayed late and provided us with an extremely delightful dinning experience. I plan to do a more in depth review of this bistro very soon.

Over all I had an incredible weekend. So thank you IFBC, Foodista, Zephyr adventures, Dorie, Andrew and everyone else at the conference for making the a wonderful weekend.

Chef Chis

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2 Responses to International Food Bloggers Conference

  1. hautemealz says:

    I’m still dreaming about the duck breast at Blind Pig… *sigh* – Perry

  2. teamrenner says:

    And that egg plant sauce with the steak! It was a real toss up between the duck and the steak. The duck was perfectly cooked. But that sauce with the steak could have made an old flip flop taste good.

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