I Need To Change My Path

As I am writing this I am sitting in a hospital waiting area where my dad is being treated for problems associated with diabetes. It is slowly killing him. This strong I can do anything man I knew as dad has turned into a shell of who he once was. He has to have help getting up out of his chair to use the toilet. His body not doing what he wants it to. The loss of feeling and strength in his hand and feet. A mild stroke taking his balance and some of his sharp mind. It is heart breaking.

Sometimes the lowest times in your life can be life changing. I don’t want my children and grandchildren to go through what my brothers and I are now. I am making a vow to my kids to change and not become my dad. Not that he was a bad father but because he should have taken better care of himself.

Our society is addicted to processed foods with little real nutritional value. I am one of those addicts. While I know how to cook. Some would say(my family) that I am a really good cook. I know what real food is and what real fresh food should taste like. After working all day I t is so easy to grab burger in the drive through or order take-out.

My good friends chef Perry, chef Terry and I have been working together at Hautemealz.com and our SimplySmartDinnerPlans on helping people get back to cooking for ourselves. I now need to take my own advice and quit using the excuse of I’m to busy or to tired. My life and the life of my family depend on it.

I want to be around to see my great grandchildren and that means I need to get more in control of my health. I know that it won’t be an overnight change as habits are harder to break than they are to form. I am determined to make changes that will benefit me and my children. I need to lead by example. My example up to now has been how not to live just like my dad was to me(as far as health was concerned). I will be better! I will change for my kids!

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2 Responses to I Need To Change My Path

  1. hautemealz says:

    Proud of you, brutha!

  2. Kids are a powerful motivator for all kinds of changes! I like to put some kind of snack in my car to forestall cravings on the way home, something simple like an apple or a baggie of nuts and dried fruit.

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