Good Food with Old Friends and New!

The Elvis Room

The Elvis Room

So my good friend Perry and I started our IFBC weekend on Thursday. Getting into Seattle around 2:00 in the afternoon. We found our hotel then walked around town to find someplace for lunch. So many so little time.

We settled on “Mamma’s Mexican Kitchen”. We were seated in the Elvis room. The room is covered with Elvis memorabilia from top to bottom. We ordered a couple of burritos and a beer. I had the  “Nolasco” and Perry had “The Elvis Presley”. Both burritos were enough to feed two people. We would regret not splitting one later in the evening.

IMG_0012IMG_0013We then walked our way down to “Pike Place Market” where we rket” where we where we ended up at “Pike Brewing“.  We tasted a couple of their beers including “Space Needle Golden IPA” and “Kilt Lifter” scotch ale. Both were good beers but the “Kilt Lifter” was the winner.

20130920-235316.jpgIt was now time to start our mini food crawl. We had made arrangements to meet up with our high school friend Amy (Movie producer of  “Pearl” the movie) and IFBC Vickie Winters (the Vickie Winters Show) and Dr Jean Layton (the Gluten Free Dr)at “Pintxo“. We had a great time tasting some of their great tapas and drinks. I had a “Moscow Mule” and some bacon wrapped dates(oh so good!).


Patatas Bravas

Jean and Vickie had other obligations so we parted ways. Perry Amy and I headed to “Andaluca” another topas restaurant. This place was a little bit more upscale than Pintxo. Chef Sarah Lorenzen has created an incredible menu. We had the Patatas Bravas, the Harissa Roasted Root, the Lamb Kofta and the Braised Lamb Sugo. Everything was incredible and perfectly cooked. The roasted veggies that quite often get soft and mushy still had a nice bite to them. And the braised lamb Sugo was as my friend Amy (who made a very rookie food blogger mistake digging in before the pictures were taken)put it was “get a room good”! We were all very impressed and will return for another visit.

IMG_0025We then made our way up to the “Knee High Stocking Co.” Where we met up with Dr Jean, Bee Tangsurat (a freelance editor and book designer), Janelle Maiocco (CEO at Farmstr) and Liz Hunt (CPO/CTO at Farmstr). This “little prohibition themed speakeasy” (and yes this is a “speakeasy”. If you don’t have a password you don’t get in.) is a really fun place to get great cocktails. Nice and cozy there is only enough room for maybe 25-30 people. We sat talked and just had a great time while sipping on some great drinks. Unfortunately no pictures from inside as they don’t allow flash photography and it was quite dark.

This is why I go to the IFBC. Having great food and drink with old friends and getting to know some new ones.

Thank you everyone! I had a great time!

Chef Chris

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  1. I go to IFBC just to see you

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