Le Couteaux Trois

Le Couteaux TroisSo we are just a couple of weeks away from our pop up restaurant “Le Couteaux Trois.” A fund raiser for “My Kitchen”. A program we started a few years back to help people(mainly at risk youth) learn how to cook.

Last night we had a little planning meet at the venue where it will be held. This thing is getting way to real! I am getting a bit nervous. What were we thinking?! Is there anyway we will get all the food done on time? All these kind of questions going through my head! I don’t why I worry so much things always work out.

The menu has been figured out. The dishes have been tested and tasted. Just need to figure out the timing. The food will be awesome.

We are known for our BBQ, but we cook so much more. I will be serving up some seared Ahi tuna salad and a flank steak with roasted root veggies. Chef Terry Will be serving up a lamb Wellington and a French onion soup and Salad. Now chef Perry has some Prawns with mushroom risotto and some incredible Sake soy clams in the plan. That doesn’t include the awesome appetizers and desserts. My dessert will be a little recipe we picked up at last years International Food Bloggers Conference.

There will a raffle table and a silent auction with some great items.

Some great speakers will be there as well!

I feel better now. Just had to get a few things worked out in my head.

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One Response to Le Couteaux Trois

  1. hautemealz says:

    Hey! I’M the one that freaks out…YOU’RE the one that stays clam and cool…don’t mess with the plan! – Chef Perry

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