Why I Attend IFBC

  I would like to say it was the classes or the food. I would even like to say the excursions. Unfortunately all that would be a lie.  

While I get a lot of education from the classes especially being a new blogger/ writer. The “What Do You Do After You Hit Publish” class was great. So many things I need to learn to do.  

So the food was pretty good.  The oysters were awesome! 

 This year I had the pleasure of going to the Sanaire excursion. I love the science of Sous Vide cooking.  Scott Heimendinger has great passion to share this incredible cooking method. He has put together a great staff that shares his passion.  I am definitely going to need one of their searing kits.  

Now the real reason I go to IFBC. The people! My good friend and partner in crime Perry. Dr. Jean Layton who is an incredible person that has always been very encouraging to a newbee blogger. Tiffany Haugen who I have been a fan of since long before I started blogging. Her and her husband Scott have had outdoor shows for years. Sarah Kirkonnell, Bee Tangsurat, Alina ferguson and so many more who have welcomed me into this great group.  

 I am already looking forward to next year. Someplace new with exciting. Uncharted places to eat, drink and share with friends! 

Ps. Already researching places to try. Planning at least one extra day.

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